Check Out These 5-Room HDB Renovation Ideas To Transform Your Home

HDB apartments are definitely the most popular form of housing units on the Singapore market. These types of apartments come in a wide range of sizes and layouts. 

While 3-room and 4-room HDB units are the most common ones on the market because their size and price ratio are the most acceptable for most families, 5-room HDB units offer the best living conditions and space that you can get in flat living.

A typical 5-room BTO floor plan usually offers around 110 square meters of space, which is enough even for families of 5 or more family members to have more comfortable indoor space.

This means that everybody will have their own private area, group common areas, storage rooms, dining areas, and more bathrooms than their 3-room and 4-room counterparts.

So, with so much space, there is so much you can do, but with HDB guidelines that are imposed by the Housing and Development Board Singapore in terms of constraints on what you can and cannot do, you might think that something like this will limit creativity and make it too hard of a challenge to achieve your 5-room HDB interior design ideas.

Well, on the contrary, within these limits, you can build your dream home with the help of a professional HDB interior design Singapore company, of course, because this is just the frame that will streamline your creativity into something that will be beautiful as well as functional.

This is why you came here, to the right place to gather inspiration and 5-room HDB living room design ideas from excellent 5-room HDB interior design projects that we in the Renozone pride ourselves on. 

Even with small modifications and small touches to the interior, you can transform space to be unrecognizable. So let’s see these fine examples and tips and tricks on how you can modify your home to fit your needs the best, shall we?

HDB Interior Design Styles

First thing first, you need to choose a style that you wish your home to adhere to. In a 5-room HDB apartment, you will find enough space for any aesthetic style you wish to decorate your space.

The most sought-after HDB interior design styles in Singapore in contemporary times are minimalist, modern, contemporary, and Scandinavian style. All these styles can intertwine into mixes that will suit your needs and aesthetics and feel the most authentic to your taste.

When you finally choose your style, the next thing is to learn about their application in every room in the house. So let’s start with the room that all of the people will use in the group, the living room.

5-Room HDB Living Room Design

5-room BTO living room at Blk 661B Edgeplains

Blk 661B Edgeplains (5 room BTO living room)

The most popular interior design trend right now is combining the living room with the kitchen area. This is called an open-floor concept. Since these are rooms that are most often used throughout the day, it is a great idea to combine them so the conversation doesn’t stop.

5-Room HDB Kitchen Design

5-room HDB kitchen at Blk 661B Edgeplains

Blk 661B Edgeplains

Speaking of the kitchen area, even though it is connected to the living room, it can have windows that you can close in case you are cooking something that has a scent that you do not want to go into the living room area. 

5-Room HDB Master Bedroom Design

5-room HDB bedroom at 781B Woodlands Ave 9

781B Woodlands Ave 9

Now we go into the most important room in the house, the bedroom, for privacy needs. In this type of room, the space must be subordinate to comfort and sleeping. So, the colours and the kind of furniture you put into the room are very important for a healthy area that will support your sleep. 

Light in the room should be ambient light with warm colours so it promotes relaxation and comfort rather than being alert. When we talk about colours in this room, they should be warm, darker tones, or if you like lighter colours, go for pastel complementary tones that promote calmness and leisure.

5-Room HDB Bathroom Design

5-room HDB bathroom 1 at 781B Woodlands Ave 9
5-room HDB bathroom 2 at 781B Woodlands Ave 9

781B Woodlands Ave 9

When we think about bathroom interior design, most often, we will think about stereotypical white tile bathrooms. But who says that you need to follow this norm? Play around with different styles of tiles and different colours, and I believe that you will achieve some rather interesting results.

5-Room BTO Study Room Design/Office

5-room HDB office area at Blk 648C Tampines St 62

Blk 648C Tampines St 62

Depending on the type of job that you do in the office, the interior of this space should reflect your job, and the colours and furniture should promote awakeness, concentration in the work, and a pragmatic atmosphere needed to finish the job appropriately.

5-Room HDB Kids’ Room Design

5-room HDB kids room at Blk 618 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

Blk 618 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4

Since kids crave time to play and explore by themselves, their rooms can be organised in creative ways that are not possible in other rooms in the house. Depending on the age of the kid, you can play with colours in any way and shape you want while still letting them express themselves creatively, as only a child’s creativity can.

By fitting a working table with a computer and bookshelf, they can have a part of the room where they can use the computer just like their parents and free floor space so they can play with toys.

In the picture above, you can see the clever way that a storage room can be made by building the bed above the storage so toys and other things can be stored in a way that won’t steal much of the room’s free space.


So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways you can revamp your 5-room BTO design without making it too much of a hit on the wallet and resources on renovation. 

The good thing is that you don’t need all this to do at once, but if you want to make a complete major renovation, you will need help from trained professionals who are schooled to help you realize your needs and dreams and create the type of space that you want.

This is why you should contact us at Renozone, where our talented designers will work with you to make use of your space to the maximum possible with taste and functionality.

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