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Condo renovation in Singapore is relatively different from the process of renovating a HDB, due to the different regulations. Developers can have unique rules that restrict what kind of renovation can be performed. This usually pertains to any alteration that could change or modify the uniformity of the building facade. Check with your management office for the latest guidelines regarding renovation works.

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Tips For Condo Renovation Interior Design

If you have bought a new condominium or have been living in one for quite some years, it is only natural that you would want to renovate it to give it a refreshing, new look. Whether you are redesigning your old condo or renovating a new one, condo renovation in Singapore is different from renovating other types of properties. There are different guidelines and legalities involved. The following tips for condo interior design in Singapore can help you get started. Below are the smart solutions for small condo interior design to maximize your space.

  • Identify the changes that you want to make as part of the renovation and what needs to be added, upgraded, or removed.
  • Check if the renovation will cause an increase in the Gross Floor Area (GFA) of the condo, in which case, you will have to get approval from the planning department.
  • Check with your management corporation about any rules or limitations regarding condo renovation. Different buildings and properties have different rules and regulations, so it is advised to have a clear understanding.
  • Understand your condo’s Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) guidelines that can provide you with information about what changes you can and cannot make.
  • Choose from among the various Singapore condo interior design styles to incorporate in your unit.
  • Create your renovation plan accordingly and seek MCST approval. The renovation plan must be submitted along with the necessary paperwork.
  • Once you have received the MCST approval, you need to apply for a renovation permit from your local town council.
  • Finally, get in touch with us to engage our services for your condo renovation.

Condo Renovation Guidelines In Singapore

Interior design for small condo spaces requires careful planning to comply with regulations. As long as the condo renovation does not increase the unit's gross floor area, you do not need any planning permission. However, the Urban Development Authority(URA) does impose certain guidelines for condo renovation. These guidelines include:

  • If the renovation increases the GFA of the unit, you will require planning permission from URA.
  • To apply for planning permission, you would need to download the authorisation letter from the URA website, get it signed by your Management Corporation (MC) Secretary, and submit this letter along with your application to the URA.
  • You cannot convert your balcony into an enclosed space. However, if you want to carry out certain other changes in your balcony, it is advised to check the concerned guidelines for balcony renovation.
  • If you have a condo with a high ceiling and you wish to build a loft inside it, then URA allows it as long as the loft is built as a furniture deck and it should not exceed 5 sqm. You can only build one loft per unit.
  • You are allowed to build a cover over your personal enclosed space (PES) as long as the cover does not extend beyond 2 m of the external wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional condo renovation contractor in Singapore?

Hiring a professional for the renovation of your condo has many benefits. The professional contractor or company can have the necessary experience and expertise to carry out your renovation project in a streamlined manner. They will be well-versed with the condo renovation guidelines by URA, so you can be assured that they will adhere to the guidelines and prevent any legal consequences. The professional contractors are also trained to do their work effectively and will ensure that all the right materials and procedures are used.

Can you modify the walls in a condo?

Although you can modify the walls of your condo to some extent, if the modification is assumed to affect the structural integrity of the building, you need prior approval from URA. This is because any structural changes to the unit will affect not only your condo but also the entire condo building.

Can you change the tiles in a condo?

Since changing the flooring of a condo is not considered a structural change, you are allowed to change the tiles in your condo.

What are some ideas for small condo interior design?

Having a small condo should not restrict you from designing it in your own personalised and unique way. A few condo interior design ideas that help you create a beautiful and functional interior design for a small condo include the following:

  • Opt for multifunctional furniture that serves multiple purposes
  • Choose simple and sleek furniture.
  • Use large mirrors on multiple walls to create the illusion of spaciousness.
  • Do not over-decorate your condo, as it will give the illusion of congestion.
  • Choose a minimalist interior design style.

How much does it cost to renovate a condo in Singapore?

The cost of renovating a new condo in Singapore can range from SGD 45,000 to SGD 55,000, while it may range from SGD 62,000 to SGD 86,000 for resale condos. Depending on the scope of your condo renovation project, the cost can be less or more.

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