Trendy HDB Interior Design Ideas in Singapore 2024

News flash: like private condos, HDB flats can look sleek and classy. Yes, they can! But only with the right HDB interior design ideas.

Are you in the process of renovating your HDB flat, or are you just browsing HDB flat interior design ideas you can keep in your creative mind and unleash when it’s time to renovate?

Whatever it is, we have many design ideas you can steal to make your HDB home a haven of comfort straight out of the storybooks. This article will explore these ideas.

At the end of this article, you’ll be one step closer to making your HDB flat the beautiful and functional space you’ve always wanted.

Some of the best HDB flat interior design ideas in Singapore are:

#1: Embrace open concept

Open-concept layouts are sweeping Singapore like wildfire. The Housing and Development Board (HDB) announced in 2018 that its build-to-order (BTO) flats will begin featuring open-concept kitchens.

It’s easy to see why open-concept layouts are popular in Singapore. These layouts have no dividing walls between spaces like the living room, dining space, and kitchen, making for one open and spacious space.

That is, the open concept layout gives a space an illusion of spaciousness. With this interior design idea, you can make an otherwise compact HDB flat feel more spacious and airy. So, when looking for HDB design inspirations, the open-concept layout is one to consider.

In the Bedok North HDB flat below, see how combining the living room and dining room makes the living room open and spacious. This creates an airy and spacious interior that will make an impression on anyone who enters the space.

185 bedok north living room

You can still use the open-concept layout even if you prefer to separate the living room and kitchen. Use glass partitions where traditional walls should be. This separates the spaces while maintaining an open and spacious feel.

#2: Indulge in the beauty of neutral tones

Did you know that neutral tones can make small spaces seem larger? This is why one of the best HDB flat interior design ideas in Singapore is sticking to neutral tones.

Paint walls and ceilings with a light colour palette (like white, cream, taupe, ivory, or beige). These neutral tones can reflect light. And this makes interiors feel brighter and more spacious.

Importantly, neutral tones do more than make small spaces seem larger. These colours exude sophistication and refinement. They create a sense of understated luxury that is both classic and timeless.

In the Ang Mo Kio Ave HDB flat below, see how the generous white tone robes the living room with elegance. Also, the tone provides a perfect background that allows the woody textures and accents to pop out, elevating the abode’s ambience.

618 ang mo kio dining area and living room

That said, if you’re looking for resale HDB 3-room flat interior design ideas, especially those that splash your home with timeless beauty, start with neutral tones.

#3: Indulge in the timeless elegance of monochrome

Colour palettes are so important in interior design that our next HDB interior design idea is still about colours. This time, it’s about giving your HDB flat timeless elegance using a monochrome colour scheme.

Monochrome designs refer to using different tones of a single colour to create a cohesive and harmonious look. Having different tones of colours helps monochrome interiors avoid a flat look. You can set the tone for the design with a lighter, dominant colour. Then, use a darker tone of the colour to add depth and sophistication.

Know that monochrome colour schemes can evoke a sense of calm, perfect for relaxing after a busy day in Singapore’s bustling cities.

See the timeless elegance of a monochrome design in action in this Jurong West St HDB flat below. A light palette dominates the interior and is complemented by a calmy black, making the space charmingly serene.

459 jurong west living room

Know that monochrome designs are versatile. They can be tailored to suit different interior design styles. Whether you want a sleek contemporary style or an eclectic style like Boho Chic, monochrome is a good foundation to start with.

#4: Maximise natural light

Do you know that natural lighting brings out the fullest potential of an interior? Yes, it does.

Natural light allows the true colours of your abode to shine. Vibrant colours are more vivid with natural lighting, while subtle tones gain more depth and nuance. Also, natural lighting accentuates the textures of materials. For example, you’ll clearly see the grain of wooden floors, the softness of plush upholstery, and more.

So, one of the easiest HDB interior design ideas is maximising natural lighting. Opt for sheer curtains and blinds that make light filter into the space generously while maintaining privacy.

661b edgeplains living room8

In the Edgeplains HDB flat above, see how we maximise natural lighting coming into the apartment to make the HDB living room feel brighter and more inviting. To get the most out of the natural lighting, we’ve gone with soft tones that are able to reflect light to make the room feel even more airy and spacious.

Whether you’re looking for 3-room HDB interior design ideas or 5-room HDB interior design ideas, maximising natural lighting is perfect.

#5: Use lighting intelligently

When used intelligently, lighting can be the secret sauce that makes your interior spaces cosy and inviting. So, a good interior design idea for HDB flats is using lighting intelligently.

Lighting hack 1: Layer lighting instead of relying on a single light source.

Maximise the illuminating capability of lights by using different lights in HDB spaces. Adequate lighting can make your interior seem larger than it really is. So, a great HDB interior design idea to visually expand the interiors of your HDB is layering lighting to make the space well-lit.

Know that a single light source may leave some corners dark. This shrinks your space’s visible area and makes it seem smaller. Illuminate your space with different lights. For example, add cove lighting to a ceiling that features a chandelier. Then, add wall-mounted spotlights around the space.

See layered lighting at work in the Ghim Moh Link HDB flat (pictured below). Using fancy pendant lights, recessed ceiling lights, and cove lighting, we create a well-illuminated interior that enhances the ambience of the space.

blk 33 ghim moh dining area1

Lighting hack 2: Maximise the decorative capability of lighting

When designing your HDB interiors, don’t make the mistake of thinking that lighting is for illumination only. Also, use lighting as decorative elements to improve the aesthetic appeal of your HDB interiors.

Choose statement lighting fixtures that can serve as focal points in spaces. Think of a beautiful chandelier in the living room, a sculptural pendant light in the dining space, or a unique floor lamp in a reading corner. Also, experiment with cove lighting to create or enhance focal points.

In the Woodlands Ave HDB flat bedroom below, see how we use cove lighting to draw attention to the geometric patterns on the wall. The lighting blesses the wall with a soft, diffused glow, creating a soothing atmosphere for relaxation.

781b woodlands bedroom

#6: Incorporate quirky accent

Consider quirky accents when looking for interior design ideas for large HDB flats that you can implement with a low budget. We’re talking of 4-room HDB interior design ideas or a 5-room HDB flat.

Quirky accents are perfect for such large HDB flats because even a single one can immediately make a space interesting, saving you the cost of adding multiple design touches.

Ordinarily, accents add visual interest to a room. They serve as focal points that arrest people’s attention. Quirky ones that are unconventional, unexpected, or playful add even more character to a space and make it breathtakingly interesting.

When looking for quirky accepts to bring character into your home, consider weird light fixtures, a statement wall, graffiti wall art, patterned rugs and textiles, furniture with character, mismatched dining chairs/ bar stools, etc.

See quirky accents in action in this Ang Mo Kio Ave HDB flat. The quirky wall art screams, “Hey, look at me.” We take the quirkiness further with a fun vintage blue table and interesting three-legged floor lamps. However, balancing the quirky elements with more subtle elements (like neutral tones) is what sprinkles this interior with charm.

Compassvale Crescent living room

In the Compassvale Crescent HDB flat (pictured below), a statement wall is used to add some quirkiness to this modern interior design. The geometric patterns on the wall feature cove lights, making the wall a standout feature of the space.

293b compassvale crescent dining room1

#7: Incorporate rugged charm

Another good HDB BTO interior design style in Singapore is infusing the interior with rugged charm.

You can borrow from the industrial interior design style that is characterised by factory elements like brick walls, exposed pipes, and drop lights.

The raw detailing of this design style adds visual interest to a space. It also involves a balancing play of sleek, refined elements with raw, unrefined elements, creating a dynamic contrast that is visually appealing.

In the Northshore Drive HDB flat (pictured below), see how we use the raw and unrefined beauty of a brick wall to make the interior charming. We take the industrial look further with track lights to supplement the abundant natural light the space gets from its large windowsill. Then, we place a weathered metal chair by a sleek sofa to create a dynamic contrast that enhances the interior’s rugged charm.

405b northshore living room

In the Choa Chu Kang Drive HDB flat (pictured below), we infuse the interior with rugged charm using exposed pipes, factory-inspired metal dining chairs, and dropping metal pendants. The living room features several soft elements (including a sleek, modern couch), creating a balanced and harmonious look.

688a choa chu kang living room4

#8: Introduce greenery

One timeless interior design idea is incorporating greenery to bring the outdoors into living spaces. This idea is featured in all interior design ideas (from HDB 3-room BTO flat design ideas to 4 room resale hdb interior design ideas).

Incorporating greenery into living spaces is a popular design idea in Singapore because it helps people connect with nature right in the comfort of their homes. And this “little” connection with nature can have a soothing effect on the body and mind.

Thus, simply adding greenery to your HDB interior helps make your home a comforting haven that melts away tension and anxiety. After time in the bustling cities of Singapore, that is the kind of home you’ll want to return to.

In this Jalan Rumah Tinggi HDB unit (pictured below), a potted plant in a corner of the living room offers a connection to nature while adding texture to the space. We take the “nature” theme further with a picture of colourful blossoms at the opposite end of the room.

8 Jalan Rumah Tinggi living room1

Takeaway: Make your HDB flat a visually stunning and functional abode with Renozone

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